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Too Hard

We recommend that to find the right mattress firmness for you, you should test beds with a variety of feels to find the mattress comfort that best suits you. This can range from a softer/plush feeling mattress through to a mattress that feels firmer. While trying a mattress in-store is essential to find the right comfort for you, a new mattress will often feel different when you first get it home. A new bed is like a a pair of new shoes and can take some time to wear-in and soften. Beds that are in-store for testing have had the opportunity to wear-in with people trying them in-store so there will always be a difference between how the bed felt when you tested it and how it feels at home.

In addition the spinal alignment between an older/softer bed and a newer/firmer bed will be different and your body needs to adjust to the new positioning. If your old bed has been unsupportive, moving your body into a better alignment will feel different and may even be uncomfortable at first. It may even feel painful for the first few nights as your body adjusts. As your body adjusts, and the mattress softens with the comfort layers settling, it will become increasingly more comfortable just like that new pair of shoes that needed to be broken in.

We recommend that you give your new mattress at least 4 weeks to soften and settle as well as give your body a chance to adjust to your new mattress. If after that time you feel that the mattress really is too hard we recommend that you contact your the retailer you purchased your bed through to discuss your options.

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